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Training and Welfare 

The training and welfare of all members of Hi-Res Security Ltd is kept to a high standard at all times. All members are SIA licensed and all dog handlers are NASDU or BIPDT approved and undertake regular dog and handler training. We openly encourage and support all members to further their training and experience by means of additional courses. Such courses may include First Aid, CCTV Operation, CSCS Card, Health and Safety and Fire Marshalling. Many of our operatives already have such qualifications in addition to what is generally required. 

Security Industry Authority (SIA) Training 

All of our operatives are SIA licenced as a minimum requirement. This means that they will have completed specific training to ensure that they are 'fit and proper' and qualified to do their job. All static guards and dog handlers have frontline licences and all members of management have at least a non-frontline licence. We work closely with the SIA to ensure all rules and regulations are followed and we have various systems in place to maintain these standards. For more information about different types of licences and the training involved, please visit the SIA website. 

Security Dogs 

Security dogs form a large section of our workforce so we are constantly striving to ensure all aspects relating to security dogs are at a very high standard. Each dog is owned by their dog handler which means there is a stronger bond between them resulting in a more effective team. Further information on our dog patrol services can be found here. 


All dog handlers must be approved by either the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) or the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT). Such approval means that they have undergone complete training with their dog which tests them in many areas, most importantly as a handler and dog team. After a relevant training programme has been completed, annual assessments are then carried out to ensure all training is up to date and qualifications are still at the required level of standards. All training and assessments are carried out by approved NASDU trainers/instructors. Course contents include the following topics: 
Roles and Responsibilities of a General Purpose Security Dog Handler 
Control of a General Purpose Security Dog 
Controlling a General Purpose Security Dog under Operational Conditions 
Maintaining the Health, Well Being and Safety of a General Purpose Security Dog 
For more information about the training programmes available, please visit the NASDU website. 

Regular Dog Training 

In addition to the courses and annual assessments, we require that all dog handlers attend regular at least monthly training sessions with an approved NASDU trainer to keep up with all aspects of the course material. Regular training is beneficial to both the dog handler and the dog to maintain competency and to stay up to date with new skills that may be required. 

Animal Welfare 

The entire management team at Hi-Res Security Ltd are proud animal lovers and, as such, show great concern for the welfare of the security dogs that work within the company. The company adhere strictly to the British Standards Institution (BSI) Standards Publication BS 8517 (Code of Practice for the Use of General Purpose Security Dogs) and request that all dog handlers are aware of the standards contained within. More information can be found on the BSI website
It is a general requirement that all dogs are fully vaccinated and receive their annual boosters, as well as being signed off by a vet as being fit to work. All dog handlers are also required to obtain an animal transport authorisation certificate from relevant organisations such as Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) to ensure they are abiding by the regulations of travelling with their dogs. 
Many security companies offering guard dog services will operate from their own kennels which house the security dogs. These dogs may be used by various different dog handlers. At Hi-Res Security Ltd, each dog is owned by their own dog handler and the dogs are kept at their home. As such, the dogs have a far better bond with their handler who is also their owner, and are with them not only at work but at home. The dogs are often better socialised under these circumstances and are generally more loyal and more responsive in situations that they have been trained in. Most dogs will have been owned and trained from puppyhood which makes them even more experienced when they are fully grown. 

Additional Training 

Our team are very much supported when it comes to opportunities for additional courses and training. Many of our operatives already have additional training in areas such as First Aid, Health and Safety, Construction Site Certification Scheme (CSCS), CCTV Operation and Fire Marshalling. We welcome such further training as added experience in addition to the minimum training that is required and described above. 

NASDU Trials 

For a number of years NASDU has run its National Working Dog Trials for Security Dog Handlers. The Trials are open to NASDU Members and attract both the experienced and the novice new comer. Competitors compete in the morning session on search procedures and handler protection with the afternoon session concentrated in the central area on obedience and agility. 
Prizes are awarded for Overall Trials Winner, Handler Protection, Obedience, Agility, Best Newcomer, Best Turned Out Handler and Dog, Best Turned Out Patrol Vehicle, Best Bite and Happiest Dog. 
The Trials have previously been sponsored by Purina who commented “that the standard of competitors was equal to that seen within the Police and Prison Services and that they were proud to be associated with NASDU as we raise the bar for private security services”. 
We are very proud to have supported our very own dog handler team who entered into the 2014 trials and achieved 3rd place in both 'Obedience' and 'Agility'. See Latest News for more details. 
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